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A Sanity Kit for the Daily Grind of Life!


You have chosen to feel happy, healthy and whole, and boy howdy does it feel good! It increases your health, wealth, happiness and joy but most of all your inner-peace! It drives up your ability to attract what you desire and not sweat the small stuff while you are on the path to getting there. I like that and clearly you do too!

I’m Hailey Wiseman and my guess is, you thought, “What the heck?” And downloaded my kit because you are basically a happy person but in the background you have wondered why…

  • You sometimes, unbeknownst to those around you, feel insecure wishing you weighed less, wore something different, were smarter, spoke more eloquently, etc.
  • You sometimes feel your family, friends, and co-workers don’t really understand you or “get you.”
  • You hold yourself back from doing things you know will make you feel good or you commit then cancel. You tell yourself you are too tired, too busy, too fill in the blank.
  • When making a decision you are hit with limiting/naysaying thoughts that keep you from just deciding one way or the other. You feel you are so wishy-washy when it comes to decision making.
  • Deep down on the inside you know what is best for you but, oh boy, you don’t want to upset or hurt anyone or make waves so you just go with the flow.

Freedom From The Madness Is Possible!

When I was twenty-one years old I lay in an ICU hospital bed for 3 days in a coma from an intentional drug overdose. Clearly I didn’t want to be in this world any longer. All I knew was all those feelings of insecurity, indecision, and sadness - feeling unloved and replaceable, unheard and not acknowledged - and going with the flow had taken its toll on me mentally, emotionally, physically, fiscally and spiritually. I was riddled with anxiety trying to be perfect. Eventually it created a deep well of depression that I was unable to climb out of and the only way I could see to shift was to leave this world.

Today, I am right smack dab in the middle of my fifties and would not have been able to level-up to put myself through undergraduate and graduate school, become a therapist, a writer, a meditation teacher, a certified pilates teacher, and a teacher of inner-peace had I not listened to that internal calling to risk letting go of…

  • My pride
  • My fear of being judged
  • My “just go with the flow” attitude
  • My strive to be perfect
  • My difficult past riddled with painful memories of emotional, mental, and sexual abuse coupled with prostitution and addiction

So I could level-up and re-write my story.

How Did I Do It?

1. I decided to make a change within my. mind and body - to work with my Soul.

2. II found a therapist - an experienced mentor - willing to coach me through the process of learning how to deeply love myself. It didn’t happen over night but I was ready to be committed to me. The alternative of not feeling good was no longer an option.

3. I committed! I had a strong desire to find our and become what I was meant to be when I came into this world long before all that krap hit the fan.

What Did I Gain?

To TRUST THE PROCESS and in doing so I GAINED the skills and knowledge of…

  • How to show up for myself first not feeling guilty for saying “No thank you,” or “I don’t really feel like it, I would rather…”
  • How to feel okay being vulnerable when speaking up for myself even when it felt scary.
  • How to not bring the past forward into current relationships and life circumstances.
  • What my core limiting belief is and how to recognize when it is holding me back from taking the many leaps required to thrive and not just survive.
  • How to transform the limiting mindset thoughts into positive food for my soul.

You Are Valuable!

I vowed that when I found inner-peace I would help as many people as possible come to love themselves so deeply they are able to literally feel and know, without reservation, they are enough - they are loved, and are lovable and valuable beyond measure.

That is why I have put this kit together for you. I want you to have the tools, strategies and support you need to trust the process. To make a transformation without spending tons of money on one more book, workshop, therapy session or pop-psychology self-help quick fix process.

This kit is a super mini-pack of my tried and true daily practices to bring you back into alignment so you may begin to truly thrive in love.

Taking the risk to love yourself first is a BIG leap and I am honored you have chosen me to mentor you through the process. And, I’m excited because I know you’ve got this and on the other side of what you are feeling now is a whole new world filled with immeasurable joy and satisfaction.

You Are Loved Divine One!


Your Instructor

Hailey Wiseman, MA
Hailey Wiseman, MA

Hi, I'm Hailey Wiseman and I help people change their lives by giving them the strategies and techniques they need to transform their lives from the inside out!

I'm talking about overcoming naysaying, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. The one's that make you feel selfish for taking time for yourself, or tell you - you need to lose weight, be more confident, be less or be more.

Throughout college I worked as a caseworker serving, and empowering our mentally ill population, their families and educating the community.

After I earned my BA & MA in Psychology I created a restorative counseling practice centered on Divine Self-Love. I set up shop offering transpersonal counseling, success coaching, psychic/medium readings, meditation classes and later pilates instruction.

At the same time I was growing into a successful career as a senior level account manager, sales expert, and success manager. A bit of a type A - ya think?

I'm a multi-faceted, multi-talented individual. Whether working 1:1 or with a group privately or within an organization, I'm focused on the mindset of positivity and growth, and the strategies needed to increase health, wealth, joy and happiness.

At the end of the day we all want to feel loved, cared for, respected, acknowledged and heard. These are the premises that inspire change.

I can't wait to help you create & attract!

Get started now!